BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology consists of game design, programming, graphics and project management strands so that you can tailor it to suit your interests. All students attend the game design and project management strands, but in the second year specialise in either game programming or game graphics or game design. The game design strand covers game design, game play mechanisms, evaluation and game genre histories and definitions. The project management enables you to develop an awareness of the business pressures on creative endeavours and also further develop your teamworking skills. You will also have the opportunity to learn about project management and game development methodologies. In the programming strand you study the programming languages (focussing on C++) used in the games industry and also console development. In the graphics strand you learn to use industry standard software tools and study level and character building as well as animation. By working with game developers we ensure that the courses teach skills that are relevant to the games industry, though the skills taught on the Univerity of Portsmouth games courses also have uses in other media industries.

Course duration:

3 years or 4 years with optional placement year