What is the Age Appropriate Design Code?

On Wednesday 2 September 2020, the ICO’s Age Appropriate Design Code came into force.

The Age Appropriate Design Code, otherwise known as the Children’s Code, is a statutory code of practice for online services, such as apps, online games and web and social media sites which are likely to be accessed by children.

The code will require digital services to automatically provide children with a built-in baseline of data protection whenever they download a new app, game or visit a website.

Companies that offer online services and products to children in the UK now have 12 months to get everything in place. The ICO is providing a package of support for all sizes of business along the way. Organisations and businesses will need to conform to the code by 2 September 2021.

The ICO’s guide to the code can be read in full here.

TIGA's Webinar with the ICO on the Code

On Tuesday 29 September 2020, TIGA paired with the ICO to deliver a webinar on the Age Appropriate Design Code, with the purpose of providing support, advice and information to businesses with regards to the changes they will have to make to comply with the code over the next 12 months.

The slides from the webinar, provided by the ICO, can be accessed here: Introductory Webinar Slides – TIGA

Participants of the webinar also requested additional resources on assessing user friction:

  • The Government Digital Service’s Service Design Manual’s Measuring Success resource can be found here.
  • More detailed usability standards/models include ISO 9241 and MUSiC

If attendees have any further questions or would like to discuss further support they can also email ageappropriatedesign@ico.org.uk.