As a conscientious business, we outline below our commitment to operating in a responsible and ethical way: 

  1. We are committed to pay our staff, and those we may otherwise engage, at least the real living wage, as it may be from time to time.
  2. We do not operate zero or minimal hours contracts with employees. Our business requirements are not of the nature where zero hours contracts are needed.
  3. We actively support employee wellbeing and we treat our staff and wider service providers in a fair and respectful manner. If appropriate, we would assist in promoting access to further support for employees. TIGA also promotes employee wellbeing to the wider games industry.
  4. We operate an “open door” arrangement and so if any member of staff has at any time any issues or suggestions to make, they can take their issue or suggestion directly to senior management. TIGA gives employees flexibility in how they work. Contractors can raise matters of any concern and make suggestions directly to the CEO. Contractors are given an opportunity to influence how work is planned and delivered.
  5. Operating in the games sector, we recognise and understand the importance of diversity in the workplace. We will ensure that all applicants for jobs will be treated equally. We do not tolerate harassment or victimisation in the workplace and would engage or enable third party support if necessary. We actively promote diversity through our specific Diversity Award in the annual TIGA Games Industry Awards
  6. TIGA keeps the environment at the heart of its activities. We operate as a virtual business as much as possible, meaning that activities such as meetings take place remotely where possible, cutting down or cutting out the need for travel. We make use of cloud computing which means that we are not needing to use additional electricity for dedicated servers and we operate on a paperless basis. TIGA reports and publications are produced electronically, dispensing with the need for paper. These initiatives help to reduce our carbon footprint. TIGA also promotes environmental sustainability in game development.
  7. We ensure that we pay all tax expected of TIGA as appropriate and we only use tax allowances available to us for the purpose for which such tax allowances may have been intended.
  8. As a representative body within the games industry, we place our members at the heart of our business and everything we do is for the benefit of our members and the wider games industry. We regularly consult with TIGA members, act on feedback and seek to represent TIGA members as best as we can.
  9. Where possible, we will look to source our supplies from sources that are ethically or environmentally accredited. As a services business, we have visibility over our suppliers and we will actively work to ensure that we do not engage organisations in our supply chain which may be involved in, for example, modern slavery. Our activities comply with the scope of the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, as it may be applicable to us.
  10. As a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code, where appropriate, we pay our suppliers within agreed terms and in line with the Prompt Payment Code. Separately, where appropriate, we aim to pay our suppliers within 30 days, if payment terms have not been otherwise agreed.