TIGA works with games businesses who want to be the best. TIGA is the independent, professional and award winning organisation for the UK video games industry. The TIGA STAR System highlights the best employers in our sector. Our STAR System enables games businesses to benchmark performance and identify areas for improvement. Organisations that achieve TIGA STAR status demonstrate ambition, excellence and stand out from the crowd.

The four themes that the TIGA STAR System examines for excellent practice are:

  • Strategy: the organization develops and adheres to a clear vision, strategy and demonstrates effective leadership.
  • Teams: the organisation recruits and retains great teams; promotes training, diversity and equal opportunities; and facilitates flexible working, etc.
  • Advancement: the organisation continually makes advances in its business operations.
  • Recognition: the organisation recognises and rewards individuals, teams and organizational success.

Why should you apply for TIGA STAR Status?

  1. You will enhance your ability to recruit and retain skilled people;

  2. You will increase your potential to build a high-performance organisation;

  3. you will learn and identify areas for improvement in your business;

  4. You will receive a badge of excellence, enabling you to standout from your competitors;

  5. You will strengthen your media profile;

  6. You will benefit from TIGA STAR publicity about your business;

  7. You will be eligible to apply for the TIGA STAR Employer Award.

The TIGA STAR System is open to applications from developers, publishers and service providers and from small, medium and large businesses.

TIGA STAR Companies

Dovetail Games


Awarded TIGA STAR status October 2019

More TIGA STAR Information

Contact Suzi at TIGA suzi@tiga.org to find out more if you would like to apply for a TIGA STAR Employer Award.