One of the key competitive advantages of the UK game development sector is the quality of its workforce. UK game developers typically employ highly qualified, experienced and creative people.

TIGA executes three roles to play in respect of education and skills.


TIGA operates the TIGA University Accreditation System to ensure that higher education can produce graduates with industry relevant skills. The TIGA Accreditation system accredits the very best undergraduate and postgraduate university courses enabling both prospective students and game developers to identify those courses that are producing industry ready graduates. TIGA’s University and College Accreditation system will highlight and disseminate best practice.

TIGA brings developers, universities and colleges together to share best educational practice and to highlight what games businesses look for when recruiting new graduates.



Advance our education and skills agenda: TIGA campaigns for higher education to be adequately funded, for a greater supply of good quality graduates and for stronger industry/academia links.

TIGA have around 30 education members from across the UK.