BSc (Hons) Games Technology at our university focuses on the development of games through programming, graphics and project management techniques. All students will study game design and get the opportunity to explore all facets of this exciting industry throughout their studies. In the second year, students can specialise in either gameplay programming or game engine architecture leading to a more bespoke third year of study.

We provide the foundational skills in problem solving, programming, focusing on C++ and students will get the opportunity to explore AI, 3D environments and emerging trends such as virtual reality (VR). Effective software design for games builds students employability in this industry and we work towards gaining an understanding of the history and theories around play, games and user engagement. Also, as PlayStation® First partners, students gain direct experience of developing for Sony PlayStation using their official development kits.

The valuable real-world experience we offer and the professional portfolio work our students develop prepare students for a career in the gaming industry, demonstrated by our graduates securing employment at a variety of AAA studios including Rockstar and Naughty Dog but also local studios such as Mobile Pie and aPriori Digital.

We love games and look forward to seeing what future developers from our programme of study will produce!

Course duration:

3 or 4 years with optional placement year