Identified in the Princeton review as the leading Postgraduate Programme in Europe for Game Design, and by Creative Skillset as exemplary for its synthesis of the professional workplace, this course is designed to produce graduates with high levels of proven professional practice and awareness within the field of computer games. The opportunity to learn from experience in a realistic yet supportive environment – rather than risking fundamental errors of judgement or behaviour in the real workplace – is a fundamental value of the course.

MProf graduates can be found in senior and key positions within many of the world’s most prestigious studios such as Rockstar, Crytek, Ubisoft, Traveller’s Tales and Codemasters, across all manner of franchises from AAA titles such as GTA and Minecraft to smaller independent companies working on medical research and serious games.

At its core, the programme provides students with an in depth experience of game development, and the ability to deploy technical skills within a team based and client led environment to a professional standard. Everything from responses to direction and feedback to simply where one elects to sit in a team, are all covered in detail.

This practice based element is supported by an equally rigorous academic underpinning of knowledge, research and innovation on the part of each student – ensuring that they can readily adapt to new challenges and evolving opportunities within what is arguably the most dynamic and demanding of all the creative industries.

Course duration:

1 year (full-time)