2024 Game Journalist Survey reveals impact of AI, SEO, and economic factors

By March 22, 2024 March 27th, 2024 Industry News

A new survey of over 150 video game journalists reveals advancements in AI, a growing focus on SEO and economic challenges are having a detrimental impact on their work, with more than half of respondents feeling ‘somewhat’ or ‘very negative’ about the future of games journalism. 

The survey, created by video game PR and marketing agency Big Games Machine, was commissioned to understand better the challenges facing those working in video game media while gathering practical advice on how video game studios and PR professionals can improve their working relationships with journalists. 

Key findings include: 

  • 63% of respondents think AI has a ‘negative impact’ on video game journalism. Only 12% think it has a ‘positive impact’.  
  • Lack of time (64%), too much of a focus on SEO (43%), and insufficient pay (40%) are the three most significant challenges facing video game journalists.  
  • The future of games journalism is bleak. More than half of respondents (56%) feel ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ negative about the future of games journalism, and only 19% feel ‘positive’ about its future.  
  • Yet, despite these challenges, 43% of respondents feel ‘somewhat’ or ‘very positive’ about their future job prospects and security over the coming 12 months. That’s compared to 28% feeling somewhat or very negative. 
  • 87% of game journalists are unlikely or very unlikely to cover blockchain games in the next six to 12 months, while only 4% are likely to cover them. 
  • Game journalists are overworked. Nearly half of respondents (47%) say their workload has ‘slightly’ or ‘significantly’ increased compared to 12 months ago. Only 15% of respondents say their workload has lightened.  
  • Video game news (63%), reviews (60%), and guided content (50%) generate the most site traffic, according to respondents. 
  • Nearly two-thirds (62%) of respondents receive 11 to 50 pitches daily. 12% of respondents get over 50 pitches daily! 

James Kaye, Co-founder and Director at Big Games Machine, said: “The games industry is growing increasingly competitive, and as a result, we are seeing the media landscape grow and evolve. There’s more pressure than ever before on video game journalists to produce content sustaining the high level of interest in gaming right now. Still, it’s clear that a focus on SEO and shrinking headcounts at some publications are impacting how they work – and that’s without mentioning the large volume of emails they have to sift through daily!

“We’re grateful for all the journalists who took part in this survey, especially those who left in-depth comments on what they’re looking for from game studios and PR professionals and how to improve methods of communication.” 

The survey helped to raise £500 for charity SpecialEffect, as a donation was given for every response received. 

Read and download the full survey from https://www.biggamesmachine.com/2024-game-journalist-survey


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