Unreal Engine opens early access programme for MetaHuman Creator

By April 23, 2021 Press Releases

Unreal Engine has officially opened its Early Access program for MetaHuman Creator.

MetaHuman Creator is a cloud-based app that empowers you to create photorealistic digital humans in minutes.

MetaHuman Creator was designed with ease-of-use in mind. According to Unreal Engine; ‘Simply select a starting point from the diverse range in the database, choose several more to contribute to your MetaHuman, and blend between them. Then, refine your character with sculpting tools and control guides, just by dragging on the asset.’

The app provides near-infinite variations of facial features and skin complexions, and an array of different choices for hair, eyes, make-up, and teeth. Thus allowing you to create a huge variety of faces for your projects.

MetaHumans are ready to animate in Unreal Engine, complete with a full facial and body rig. MetaHumans can either be keyed or used through a performance capture solution like our own Live Link Face iOS app.

Once you’ve created and downloaded your MetaHumans, there are a series of video tutorials which will take you through how to work with them effectively in Unreal Engine.

To sign up for the Early Access program, and to access documentation and tutorials, click here.


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