TIGA comments on Games Tax Relief-gate

By June 25, 2010 Press Releases

TIGA, the trade association representing the UK games industry, released the following statement commenting on the story in Develop (http://www.develop-online.net/news/35224/Global-publisher-sabotaged-UK-games-tax-breaks) that an unnamed publisher had lobbied the previous UK Government against introducing Games Tax Relief.

Dr Richard Wilson, CEO of TIGA, said:
“This story confirms two essential truths.
“Only TIGA has the unity of purpose, the determination and the ability to deliver Games Tax Relief. I call on all games developers and publishers to unite with TIGA, to support our campaign with action and resources and to win the battle for Games Tax Relief.

“This is not the time to look for scapegoats in the industry. This is the time to convince the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats – both of whom promised to introduce video Games Tax Relief before the General Election on May 7th – to renew their commitment to implement this crucial fiscal measure at the earliest opportunity.””

Richard added:
“The UK games industry needs Games Tax Relief to put us on a level playing field against games businesses in other jurisdictions, which currently benefit from significant tax breaks. The UK Government needs Games Tax Relief because it will generate vital revenue for the Exchequer. The UK economy needs Games Tax Relief because it will help to create high skilled, well paid jobs in high technology, export oriented businesses across the UK.””

TIGA’s research shows that Games Tax Relief would protect or create 3,550 graduate level jobs, secure £457 million in investment and enhance innovation in the sector. Games Tax Relief would more than pay for itself, generating £415 million in tax receipts for HM Treasury.


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