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By March 17, 2021 Industry News

Using AI helps developers to make action and game play more realistic as well as creating thousands of different scenarios and events within a single game environment.


Content to provide:

  • 50 words to explain how the company uses AI in gaming
  • 60-90 second video support the copy – either a clip of an AI game in action or something showing how the AI is being used within a game. The video will be dual language eventually (I can translate and put Arabic subtitling on the video) and will be hosted on YouTube (we use iframes to embed it into the digital companion). The video can include sound, however, we think the majority of videos. If we can have something on Minecraft that would be great.
  • For the AR asset we are looking for a character that Pico Pixels can take and create the web-based AR asset. What I am hoping the AR asset will be is a game’s character than is doing something eg walking along the vitrine, chasing something, doing somersaults – this is dependent slightly on what you are able to provide us (either recognised character vs a unique one). As I said on the call this is a simple, playful asset for the kid’s to enjoy with the limitations of the AR being activated with a web-based solution (AR.js). Files provided to Pico Pixels need to be GLTF format.


A bit of background on the visitor experience:

Inspired by one of Stephen Hawking’s final projects, ‘Breakthrough Message’, the UK Pavilion invites visitors to consider what message we would communicate to express ourselves as a planet should we one day encounter other advanced civilisations in space. The visitor experience takes you through the story of how the UK’s role in AI and Space is impacting humanity, with augmented reality experiences and an enriched digital journey. It will also explore wider innovations and collaborations as well as show how some of our partners address our theme ‘Innovating for a Shared Future’. The exhibition (like in a museum), which is a mix of lightbox display cases and digital content through a ‘digital companion’ takes the visitor on a story of how AI is used in everyday life and in our cities, how we use AI and satellites in connectivity, how we use satellites to monitor Earth (eg emergency response and climate change), and how the UK is exploring our galaxy. The digital companion is there to highlight UK examples to bring to life the story that will be shown in the display cases through video, imagery and AR.

As part of the experience visitors will donate a word to a collective message and get back a line of poetry using their word. For a better understanding of the UK Pavilion have a look at our virtual tour:



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