Gambling regulators issue joint statement on loot boxes and skins betting

By September 17, 2018 Press Releases

Fifteen gambling regulators from across Europe, as well as Washington State Gambling Commission, have signed an agreement to work together to address issues around loot boxes and skins betting.

The regulators are calling for the video games industry and technology platforms to play their part in helping crack down on third party websites that allow gamers to exchange in-game items for cash. Games developers must also ensure that features within games, such as loot boxes, do not constitute gambling.

The joint declaration states that the signatories will work together “to thoroughly analyse the characteristics of video games and social gaming. This common action will enable an informed dialogue with the video games and social gaming industries to ensure the appropriate and efficient implementation of our national laws and regulations.”

The full declaration is available here

Dr Richard Wilson (OBE), Chief Executive Officer of TIGA, said:

“TIGA is committed to working closely with the Gambling Commission so everyone can enjoy video games in a safe environment. TIGA has met with the Gambling Commission to discuss loot boxes and has published a guide to help inform developers about their responsibilities.

“We will continue to support the Gambling Commission’s efforts to crack down on unlicensed third party websites that allow gamers to exchange in game items for cash.”


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