Reflections nominated for Innovation Award

By February 15, 2012 TIGA News

Reflections, a division of Ubisoft, has been nominated for
an  Innovation Award by the Royal Television Society of the North East for
its work on the game ‘Driver San Fransisco’.

They were nominated for producing
an outstanding piece of work across visual media, demonstrating imaginative
exploitation of new technology, platforms and routes to audience.

Giselle Stewart, the general manager at Reflections was delighted by the
nomination. She commented:
“It is an honour for the development team to be
recognized for its efforts to bring a new and fresh experience to gamers that
fully takes advantage of the capacity of today’s technology.

“This nomination demonstrates that the innovative quality of Driver San
Fransisco reaches beyond the gaming community to surpass the standards of
entertainment media in general.”

The Reflections team are now eagerly awaiting the North East and the Border
Centre Awards Dinner on February18th, when the winners of the 19 categories
will  be announced.

Graeme Thompson, chairman of the Royal Television Society North East and the
Centre stated: “The Innovation award is one of the most eagerly contested
categories of
the night.

“Ubisoft have made exceptional contributions to technological and production




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