IKINEMA Advances the Future of Game Animation, reveal at GDC 2019

By March 11, 2019 Industry News

Company roadmap set to reshape the industry of real-time game animation. Games companies already harness new IKINEMA Studio, a cross-discipline animation framework, In-game Retargeting tool released plus gamer centric character stylisation technology, Style Shapes coming soon.

FARNHAM, UK, 12 March 2019 –Today, IKINEMA, the trusted specialists in superior real-time whole body solving animation technologies, announce their attendance at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Interested parties are invited to book private meetings to learn how their world-class IKINEMA RunTime middleware and latest cutting-edge animation tools achieve game development brilliance and believable gameplay.

Alexandre Pechev | CEO | IKINEMA: “GDC is an exciting and dynamic arena to unveil our latest technology advancements and share our company vision in next-generation procedural animation. Creators and developers rely on IKINEMA’s robust and scalable technology to unlock time and creativity for future projects—customers are at the heart of our continuous development to provide innovative, efficient and powerful solutions to propel their games to the next level.”

IKINEMA RunTime is globally recognised as the best and only solution on the market for quality procedural game animation and whole body solving. Adopted to accelerate development cycles, deliver believable characters and tactile gameplay for the recently released titles Kingdom Hearts III by developer Square Enix, and action adventure title Crackdown 3 published by Xbox Games Studios. Join award winning studios Bandai Namco, NCSoft Corporation, NetEase Network, SEGA, Warner Bros. Games and many more that have already empowered their teams with IKINEMA’s flexible animation solutions.
Book your meeting in advance:

Victor Puente | Senior Client Partner | V.Puente@IKINEMA.com
RunTime demonstration, discuss latest tech updates, learn efficient techniques and tool enhancements for optimised integration.

What is In-game Retargeting?
A new RunTime tool for efficient in-game transferral of character motion retargeted from one animation source across multiple characters with varying bone hierarchies. The result is massive reduction of animation assets and blend trees for each character, replaces method of replicating multiple animation sets, frees up time to focus on creating high fidelity game worlds and quality animation.

How Does IKINEMA Studio Work?
Studio is a highly interactive, flexible framework designed to fast-track development of cross-discipline animation projects for developers in virtual production, games, mixed reality, and enterprise. Mix-and-match IKINEMA software add-ons and set up character behaviours within the Studio App. Export encapsulated data to any game engine where animations run via IKINEMA’s powerful core technology, view animations in the engine. Real-time iterations continuously stream via the Live Bridge two-way link between App and IKINEMA solver.

IKINEMA Style Shapes: Next-generation Technology
IKINEMA’s vision to simplify and accelerate game character stylisation to create convincing body animation with RunTime in any game engine.
Animator and developer usability: Style Shapes is the new ‘blend-shapes’. Repurpose assets, customise and reuse animation procedurally. Additionally, combine with In-game Retargeting.
Gamer usability: Empowering gamers with a dynamic animation tool within the game, instantly modify body behaviours to bring unique personalities and life to their game heroes.

IKINEMA RunTime procedurally animates 3D characters of any shape or size during real-time, resulting in avatars that respond with superior fidelity to the world around them, producing highest levels of life-like and natural movement with full-body immersion in VR. The middleware enables studios to significantly reduce animation assets to slash production time and cost by five times or more.
Download your FREE copy of the IKINEMA RunTime Demo Package.

Product availability: RunTime includes RunTime VR extension. License choices available on www.IKINEMA.com. Evaluation pack request email, Store@IKINEMA.com. Full dedicated support included with Studio Team licenses. Integrates with Unreal Engine 4, Unity, and custom game engines. Available for platforms PC Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux.

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PR and Communications contact:
Siobhán Hofma | S.Hofma@IKINEMA.com | +44 (0) 2033 189 179

IKINEMA (www.IKINEMA.com) sells products that dramatically improve the quality of animation and reduce the cost of producing animation. It uses patented IP to dynamically calculate animation sequences. The resulting animations are more realistic and cheaper to produce and maintain. IKINEMA was established in 2006 in the UK and has actively traded since 2009. The company owns patent protected intellectual property for fast, realistic and organic animation for games, virtual, and movie production. Prominent clients include: Activision, Bethesda, Bluehole Inc., Capcom, CBS Digital, Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, Digital Domain, Digital Idea Corp., Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Foundry, Fox VFX, Framestore, Globo TV, GREE, Inc., Hasbro, Image Engine Design, Inc., Impulse Gear, Infinity Ward, Linden Lab, Microsoft, NASA Johnson Space Center, NCSOFT®, NVIDIA, Quantic Dream, Rare, Respawn Entertainment, Snail Games, Softstar Entertainment Inc., Square Enix, Sumo Digital, Technicolor, Tencent NEXT Studio, The VOID, 20th Century Fox, 2K Games, Ubisoft, Unity3D, Valve Software, Vicon, Warner Bros. and many more. The company is licensed technology provider by Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and Autodesk.
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