TIGA announces Games Tax Relief Tour – how to use GTR to unleash the creative & financial potential of your studio

By April 22, 2014Press Releases

UK wide event schedule will demonstrate how tax relief can help drive creativity, innovation & experimentation in the UK games industry

TIGA, the network for developers and digital publishers in the UK, has announced a new tour to help games studios across the UK understand how they can use Games Tax Relief (GTR) to enhance their creativity, innovation and improve their access to finance.

EU law requires that GTR incorporates a cultural test and studios’ games will have to pass the test in order to benefit from the tax measure. TIGA’s GTR tour will feature top games industry creatives explaining how UK game developers can navigate and satisfy the BFI’s cultural test and maximise their creative freedom.

Leading studio representatives will also discuss how GTR can be used to inspire and support greater innovation and experimentation in UK games businesses, due to the increased margins and financial security GTR offers.

As well as covering how GTR can enhance creativity, innovation and access to finance, the TIGA tour will also explain the nuts and bolts of how to successfully apply and claim GTR as part of the accounting process.

Practical advice provided on this area will include:

  • Which development costs will be eligible for GTR?
  • What kinds of businesses can claim Games Tax Relief?
  • How much can games companies claim back, in the event of a profit, or a loss?
  • How does the cultural test actually work? 
  • Examples of games that would pass the cultural test.
  • What business models are best suited to GTR?
  • How GTR will affect smaller games businesses?
  • What should those developers looking to take advantage of GTR do next?
  • How will GTR affect existing measures such as R&D tax credits and the patent box?


Dr. Richard Wilson, CEO, TIGA, comments:

“TIGA is focused on helping game developers and digital publishers succeed. So we are organising the TIGA GTR Tour to help developers understand how tax relief can unleash the creative and financial potential of their studios, and drive innovation & experimentation in their business.

“We want as many game developers and digital publishers as possible to benefit from GTR and so we are bringing together a range of expert speakers at different locations across the UK.”  


The TIGA Games Tax Relief Tour is free for all developers to attend and will be visiting locations including:


Date: Monday 12th May 2014  


Date: Wednesday 14th May 2014  


Date: 13th June 2014  


Date: Wednesday 18th June 2014  


Date: Friday 20th June 2014  


Date: Thursday 26th June 2014  


Date: Friday 27th June 2014


Date: Monday 30th June 2014


Date: Tuesday 1st July 2014  


Date: Wednesday 2nd July 2014  


Date: 21st July 2014   


Date: 22nd July 2014




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