By September 11, 2017Industry News

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of territory and the 9th largest country in terms of population. Out of 144 mln people leaving in Russia, 86 mln have access to internet, and 71 mln access internet daily, which makes Russia the largest internet market in Europe.

 Gaming is very popular in Russia – 70 mln people play games regularly, 50% prefer to play games on PCs.

MMORPGs are played by 27 mln people.  In 2016, a typical online gamer spent at least $35 on games, accessories and in-app purchases.

 Mobile devices are the most popular means of accessing the internet – 62% of internet traffic in Russia is generated form mobile devices. Russia ranks 4th globally in terms of games installations on mobile devices. 86% of mobile games are installed on Android platform, 11%  – on iOS.

 Over the recent years, IP rights protection in Russia has improved dramatically and now most gamers prefer to buy games legally. Localisation is essential for the Russian market, and most localisation companies act as distributors. Weak Russian currency will help to decrease the localisation costs and the costs of local advertising.

 DIT Russia arranged a series of webinars to provide more detailed overview of the market, opportunities and the ways to sell to Russia.

Please join our first webinar:  and forward us your enquiries about the Russian market which we will aim to answer.


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