Know your GDPR obligations with TIGA’s games industry guide

The games industry will soon be obliged to meet new data protection standards. TIGA has published a special guide to enable games businesses to comply with the new law.

TIGA, the network for games developers and digital publishers and the trade body representing the video games industry, has published a special report looking at how coming changes to data protection law impact companies in the UK games industry.  The report has been prepared by TIGA member Stevens & Bolton LLP.


2018 will see the introduction of the UK’s ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR), which replaces existing rules around data protection. Those in the games industry are obliged to comply; a potentially intimidating task for a busy studio looking to devote optimum time to its creative endeavours.


TIGA, therefore, has commissioned a report for the games sector, which provides an accessible, industry-specific guide to the nuances of GDPR, and best practice for meeting compliance.

“Here at TIGA our focus is on strengthening the UK video games industry, said the trade body’s CEO, Dr Richard Wilson. “That includes keeping the industry informed of law and policy changes that may feel overwhelming to even the most experienced veterans of the sector. However, thanks to the deep knowledge of our report’s expert author, we are confident our latest publication offers those in the industry a clear, concise and highly tailored guide.”


‘The Guide to GDPR’ is written by Charles Maurice, Senior Associate at Stevens & Bolton LLP, a law firm based in UK games hub Guildford. The firm of 41 partners and over 140 lawyers serves media and technology as one of its core sectors, and has long supported TIGA’s efforts as a member. The report covers specifics of GDPR relevant to the games industry, and explores key themes such as accountability, data breaches, penalties and data processors.

The Guide to GDPR is available free to all TIGA members. Please contact Suzi Stephenson at:



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