Brexit, Article 50 and the Future of the Creative and Technological Industries

TIGA, the network for games developers and digital publishers and the trade association representing the UK video games industry, published the following statement in the light of the UK’s decision to initiate Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union and begin the process of leaving the EU.

 Dr Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO and Jason Kingsley OBE, TIGA Chairman and CEO and Creative Director at Rebellion, said:

 “TIGA, the trade association representing the video games industry, is engaging with Government, Parliament and interested third parties to ensure that creative and technological sectors, including the video games industry, continue to succeed following Brexit.

 “TIGA will:

  1. campaign for the retention and improvement of both Video Games Tax Relief and the Research and Development Tax Credits to ensure that the UK has one of the most favourable tax regimes for the video games industry in the world.
  2. campaign for the introduction of a Video Games Investment Fund to provide £ for £ match funding for original IP game projects to improve games businesses’ ability to access finance.
  3. campaign to enable UK games companies to recruit highly skilled workers (Tier 1 and Tier 2 workers) from the EU and the wider world.
  4. campaign for the establishment of a British Games Institute to drive the video games sector forward and to promote the cultural, creative and economic impact of video games in the UK. 
  5. accredit more video games degree courses to bring industry and higher education together and to ensure that more UK universities are providing games businesses with the skilled graduates that they need.

 “Today is a historic day. Opportunities and risks lie ahead. It is now more important than ever to realise TIGA’s vision to make the UK the best place in the world for games development, games education and games service providers. If you share this vision and want to make it a reality, then contact Dr Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO, to discuss how you can get involved in our campaign (”