Accelerated degrees offer industry fast track

By February 14, 2018Press Releases

TIGA, the network for game developers and digital publishers and the trade association representing the video games industry, has welcomed accelerated degrees as a way to attract more mature students into higher education.

In its response to the Department for Education consultation Accelerated degrees: widening student choice in higher education, TIGA pointed out that mature students are more likely to study STEM subjects including Computer Science and video games degree courses, which is positive for the industry. Increasing the number of STEM and Computer Science graduates is essential for the future of the video games industry, which depends on highly skilled workers to create ground-breaking new games and compete on a global level.

Accelerated degrees offer the same qualifications and are quality-assured in the same way as a standard degree, but delivered over a shorter, usually two-year timespan. Providers already offering accelerated degrees report on more engaged students, positive employer feedback and the opportunity to attract a wider pool of applicants, including mature students who often want to retrain and enter the workplace more quickly.

For employers, individuals who have retrained are often especially valuable. They can bring fresh perspectives and ideas gained from their previous careers.

Dr Richard Wilson OBE, Chief Executive of TIGA, said:

“TIGA welcomes accelerated degrees as they will attract mature students who are more likely to study STEM and Computer Science.[1] Having the option of studying for a less expensive, less time-consuming degree will encourage many people to retrain and reskill which could help to boost productivity and reduce skills shortages.

“The video games industry depends on highly skilled graduates to compete on a global level. We welcome sensible measures that will encourage more people to study STEM subjects relevant to the video games industry including Computer Science, which will help our industry maintain its world leading position.

“TIGA will continue to work with the Government on education policy to ensure its members have a pipeline of talented individuals with the right skills.”

[1] Never Too Late To Learn: Mature Students in Higher Education, May 2012, link